The wellbeing of the fish at Etang St Pierremont is our main priority as a healthy fish stock will ensure great sport for all the guests and an enjoyable holiday for all.

Therefore it is imperative that we ensure that only top quality bait/supplements and the daily feeding of the fish are strictly monitored.

The new fish that have been introduced to the lake in January 2008 have been sourced from the highly regarded LakdarTamazu who has many years of breeding and stocking top quality carp.

These fish have been reared on very specific food and supplements which has ensured tremendous growth rate and health which we aim to continue.

The obvious benefit to our guests is that these fish are very comfortable taking these supplied baits as they are formed part of there normal diet over their lifespan.

Exclusive baits can be purchased on site at competitive prices. Only fresh/frozen baits are allowed to be used on the lake (freezer supplied on site for storing baits), no long life baits are allowed.

5kgs Dark Fish Boilie = 61 euros
5kgs Fruit Plus Boilie = 61 euros
5kgs Shrimp Fish Mix Boilie = 61 euros
Pop ups 35 in a tub Dark Fish = 8 euros
Pop ups 35 in a tub Fruit Plus = 8 euros
2kgs Sinking Pellets = 6 euros

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